Peer Review

Whether this is your first AICPA peer review or the latest of many, voluntary or required, we thank you for considering Sciarabba Walker for this professional standards exercise. Some of our most rewarding engagements are AICPA peer reviews that we perform for other independent CPA firms.

Sciarabba Walker is an active participant in AICPA programs, a member of its employee benefit plan and governmental audit quality centers, and an established peer reviewer for the past two decades. We conduct approximately 20 peer reviews a year.

We are proud to have earned pass reports for every one of our own peer reviews since the firm’s founding, an indication of our commitment to the standards and respect for the process.

Peer reviews are now mandatory for CPA firms that provide attest services in New York State. Sciarabba Walker supports the Mandatory Quality Review (MQR) program, both as a participant and as a reviewer, and we are excited by the possibility of working with some new colleagues because of this requirement.

Our philosophy is to complete the engagement following professional standards and to provide insight into best practices for your firm. We see the formal review as a starting point. The exchange of ideas is as valuable and energizing as anything we do. Plus, it’s just fun for us to meet other professionals as committed to the profession as we are.

It would be an honor to conduct a peer review of your firm. Email Managing Partner David Iles, AICPA peer reviewer and a past chair of NYSSCPA’s peer review committee at today.