Financial Services for Fraternities & Sororities

Whether you are an alumni advisor or student officer, managing the finances of your fraternity or sorority is a major responsibility, especially for a volunteer. Start the year right by working with Sciarabba Walker to implement trouble-free financial procedures and controls.

Sciarabba Walker provides accounting, tax, and advisory services to more than 150 chapters, house corporations, foundations, and national boards. Greek organizations are one of our largest client segments, and we commit the staff and resources to handle all financial obligations, including:

Undergraduate Chapters

  • Assistance in annual budgeting
  • Membership billings by semester
  • Monthly financial statements and accounts receivable reports
  • Weekly vendor payments
  • Payroll for house staff
  • Quarterly and year-end tax filings

Alumni House Corporations

  • Comprehensive accounting and tax advisory services
  • Savings and brokerage account management
  • Liaison to undergraduate chapters and educational foundations
  • Establishment of educational foundations

National Administrative Offices and Boards of Trustees

  • Comprehensive accounting and tax advisory services
  • Chapter dues and insurance billings
  • Budgeting and forecasting

Working with fraternities and sororities is more than a business for us. We enjoy advising collegians and their alumni mentors. It’s a privilege to be able to help you achieve your educational, philanthropic, and leadership development goals. Contact us today to find out how Sciarabba Walker can improve the financial foundation for your Greek organization.

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Client Testimonial:

As President of the Gamma Theta Property Association (GTPA), the alumni group that owns and manages our Cornell Sigma Nu fraternity lodge in Ithaca and advises our student brotherhood, I have been thoroughly impressed with the ethics, knowledge, and meticulousness demonstrated by Sciarabba Walker (SW). When we engaged SW back in 2013, our Gamma Theta Chapter was struggling to emerge from dark times. The Property Association was in debt and, unbeknownst to most of our GTPA members, had lost its IRS 501(c)(7) status due to non-filing by our previous alumnus leadership.

SW was able to help right our ship and develop a numbers plan for how many new members and live-ins we needed in order to balance our income/expense sheet and budget. They also assisted us in navigating the IRS, both re-securing our non-profit status and achieving this without paying what could have been up to $50,000 in penalties. GTPA is indebted to SW for aiding us through a very tough period. Thank you, Sciarabba Walker, for a fantastic relationship—past, present, and future.

Robert A. Linden, MD
President, Sigma Nu Gamma Theta Property Association