The accounting and business consulting firm Sciarabba Walker & Co., LLP has received ClearlyRated’s Best of Accounting® Award for 2023.

ClearlyRated is an industry leader in client satisfaction surveys, and the award recognizes public accounting firms that have demonstrated exceptional service quality based exclusively on ratings provided by their clients.

To be eligible for the award, firms must achieve a Net Promoter® Score (NPS) of over 50% and meet a minimum survey response rate. Sciarabba Walker achieved an NPS of 82.7%. ClearlyRated considers 70% to be world-class. In its 2023 client satisfaction survey, 95.7% of clients responded that they would recommend Sciarabba Walker & Co., LLP to a friend or colleague.

“We are ecstatic with this recognition, said Managing Partner Dave Iles. “The primary reasons for participating in this client experience survey were to establish a verified third-party assessment of our current client satisfaction and initiate actionable steps for improvement. We believe we deliver a high-quality customer experience, and this validates our belief. Thank you to our entire team at Sciarabba Walker & Co., LLP, for their commitment to delivering an exceptional client experience.”

“I am pleased to introduce the 2023 Best of Accounting winners alongside their validated service ratings on,” said ClearlyRated’s CEO, Eric Gregg. “These firms have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to delivering amazing experiences, despite another year of upheaval and macroeconomic uncertainty. Hats off to these service leaders – it’s truly an honor to recognize and celebrate their achievements.”

About Sciarabba Walker

Sciarabba Walker & Co., LLP was founded in 1976 to provide superior client service and serve as active professionals for our clients and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to understand our clients thoroughly and to develop a meaningful partnership that will lead to long-term success.

About ClearlyRated

Rooted in satisfaction research for professional service firms, ClearlyRated utilizes a Net Promoter® Score survey program to help professional service firms measure their service experience, build online reputation, and differentiate on service quality. Learn more at

About Best of Accounting™

ClearlyRated’s Best of Accounting® Award recognizes accounting firms that have demonstrated exceptional service quality based exclusively on ratings provided by their clients and employees. The award program provides statistically valid and objective service quality benchmarks for the accounting industry, revealing which firms deliver the highest quality client and employee experience. Winners are featured on—an online business directory that helps buyers of professional services find service leaders and vet prospective firms with the help of validated client ratings and testimonials.