We are pleased to announce the launch of our new International Tax Blog. The blog features original content written by members of our International Tax Group. Each week, a new blog post examines a specific international tax issue and how it affects individuals or businesses. The blog posts often include a case study or example of a specific situation and how our professional guidance can help clients navigate complicated tax law and regulation.

“We continue to see a growing need for expertise in international tax services,” says partner Linda Bruckner. “The International Tax Blog is catered to anyone who is looking to better understand the many ways in which U.S. tax rules affect people all over the world.”

The blog will cover a range of topics, from the tax implications of working abroad to the various filing requirements for conducting business overseas.

“As we cater to the increasingly complex needs of clients with international ties, we want to stay on the forefront of regulatory updates and interpretations,” says Bruckner. “This blog allows us to share our expertise with others in an engaging and thoughtful way.”