2022 Medical News Brief

The Importance of Nonmedical Staff and External Support

A typical practice includes physicians, medical assistants, nurses or nurse practitioners, x-ray technicians, physician assistants, and others. However, nonmedical staff members and external support providers play integral roles in many practices’ operations. They can make all the difference in quality of care and profitability.

Five Financial Strategies to Improve Your Medical Practice’s Profitability

The COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected many physicians’ practices over the past few years. As medical practices begin to fully rebound, this is an especially good time to evaluate your financial strategies to determine what’s still working and what needs to be improved.

Is Outsourcing Right For Your Medical Practice?

In a rapidly changing health care climate, it pays to put all options on the table when considering improvements to your practice. Some of the ways you’ve traditionally done business may be holding you back. Perhaps it’s time to consider outsourcing some activities to ensure your practice continues to thrive.

How to Mitigate the Risks of Telemedicine

It’s likely that telemedicine will be a continuing presence in health care. Although it has many positive aspects, there are two primary areas of risk associated with telemedicine: medical errors and cybersecurity.

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