1. You want to save money. This may sound counterintuitive, because it costs money to hire a CPA. But a good CPA can save you money—sometimes lots of it. CPAs know the latest tax and accounting laws and regulations to help plan for your personal and business finances, life events, and a comfortable retirement, in addition to minimizing your tax burden.
  1. A CPA is more than “just an accountant.” A CPA has to go through years of academic and technical training, pass a licensing examination, undergo several years of on-the-job experience, and become licensed by a state board of accountancy. The examination is a demanding one, completed over multiple days and encompassing many areas of financial expertise. CPAs must also complete continuing education and meet ethical requirements to maintain their license.
  1. Your tax software might miss something. If you use a commercial software program for your taxes and get through the deadlines each year, you may think you are all set. But a CPA provides a wealth of insight and experience to your specific needs and goals. Great CPAs can look at your entire financial picture and tie together all aspects of your financial situation—not just your tax return.
  1. We provide balance to risk-takers. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit might be more comfortable with risk and shy away from working with a more cautious CPA. However, that very cautiousness provides an ideal balance in the financial strategy of entrepreneurs and visionaries. CPAs have the experience and training to translate risk into reward.
  1. We really are enjoyable people to be around. Not only can we save you time, money, and headaches, but we enjoy helping you do those things, and it shows. We have a genuine passion and interest in helping people develop and achieve their financial goals. Just be careful around us on April 15!

by Cliff Acheson, CPA