Litigation Support

In civil litigation or dispute resolution, a favorable judgment, verdict, or settlement often hinges on a persuasive analysis and presentation of financial data.

Sciarabba Walker will help you and your attorney make your best case and negotiate from a position of strength. Our litigation support services include:

  • Forensic analysis of financial data
  • Analysis of tax and financial implications of legal contracts
  • Assistance to legal counsel during negotiations or trial preparation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Financial advice within the collaborative law framework

We have helped many of our own clients through legal matters, because we know their priorities and goals and have a longstanding, complete, and confidential knowledge of their finances.

Our work documents, the result of meticulous research accounting, will enable you to: 

  • Understand, frame, and make use of all available financial data.
  • Evaluate the strength of your opponent’s case by analyzing the underlying calculations and assumptions.

Additional services provided by Sciarabba Walker include valuations of marital assets in connection with divorce proceedings. For clients resolving family law matters through the collaborative process, we can serve as the team’s financial expert.

Cut through the financial and legal complexities. Contact Sciarabba Walker today for a consultation about impending negotiations or litigation.