Gathering and maintaining well-organized records makes it easier to prepare a tax return. These records can also help provide answers if the IRS needs to follow up with you for more information.
You will not need to send the IRS proof of your health insurance coverage. However, you should keep any documentation with your other tax records. This includes records of your family’s employer-provided coverage, premiums paid, and type of coverage. You should keep these – as you do other tax records – generally for three years after you file your tax return.
When we prepare your 2014 tax return we will simply indicate that the taxpayer and everyone on their tax return (spouse, dependents, etc.) had health care coverage for the entire year. You will not need to file any additional forms, unless you are claiming the premium tax credit or a coverage exemption. We will attach Form 8965, Health Coverage Exemptions, to your tax return to claim this coverage exemption. If you have applied for an exemption from the Marketplace and received an Exemption Certificate Number, or you have other documentation to support your exemption claim, keep these with your tax records.
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